"It is impossible to express the anguish I experienced after my son was murdered. It was only music that kept me going, and this album meets that need."

--Vince D. (64 year old business owner)


"After the loss of my husband, facing life again has been a daily challenge. This album has been a continual source of hope. The strength and beauty of the music has sustained me through this difficult time."

--Catherine L. (80 year old retired widow)


"Life can be so crazy that one can get distracted from what is really important. This music takes me back to what is real and true."

--Heather H. (39 year old wife and mother of five)


"During my time as a flight nurse and paramedic, I have witnessed a great deal of suffering. At 36 I experienced a stroke and the recovery process has been difficult. This album has provided hope when I needed it most. Others will benefit as I have."

--Duane D. (37 year old medical professional)


"After retirement my husband and I had twleve years to share family, friends, travel and time with each other. Because of my beliefs I knew I could face the world once he passed away, but eventually the loneliness stepped in. The music of Legacie helps fill the void."

--Thelma V. (65 year old widow and mother of two)


"At this impasse in my life, and knowing that pain may never leave, I am very thankful that this album is available to help me on a daily basis."

--Tara B. (40 year old wife, mother of two and businesswoman)


"Having been diagnosed with a terminal illness, I thank God that this music is available for my family and I."
--Shehu M. (38 year old dispatcher)


"I knew going off to college and being away from my family would be hard and lonely, but I know I can always find hope and guidance through this powerful music."
--Colleen L. (18 year old student)